Pairing Wealth With Health: “Lifestyle” Platform Launches



Known as “Autumn”, Normal Chartered and Franklin Templeton have partnered to launch a client platform that merges the well being, wealth, and retirement wants of a rising ageing inhabitants.

Normal Chartered’s innovation unit SC Ventures and US asset
supervisor Franklin
have formed a partnership to launch a wealth,
health and lifestyle solutions platform. The rollout begins in

Called “Autumn”, the new platform will provide personalised tools
and services targeting consumers increasingly used to blending
their financial wellbeing with health and wellness interests. The
platform permits users to combine their banking, investment,
insurance and healthcare data into a single dashboard, available
through iOS and Android app stores.

Franklin Templeton will be the asset management and investment
research partner for the new platform, which the partners expect
to debut across Asian markets, including Hong Kong. The
California-based asset house, which manages roughly $1.5 trillion
for clients globally, is arguably at the epicentre of healthtech
developments and longevity research which is feeding into
big-theme investments.

As health and wealth become more intertwined, the decision to
launch the venture is also grounded in regional demographics. The
UN reports that 15 per cent of Asia’s population will be over the
age of 65 by 2040.

The partners say that future iterations will pull in data from
third-party wearable and health apps to provide closer links to
how lifestyle choices will likely impact users’ retirement plans.

Privacy advocates may wince at the rapid convergence of personal
health and wealth data, but the creators say the tools will
enable consumers “to take proactive action to stay healthy, avoid
unnecessary healthcare cost and optimise their insurance

“We’re delighted to be working with Franklin Templeton and
to create a truly customer-centric, holistic and
affordable solution for all,” Autumn’s chief executive Mike
Kruger, said.

Alex Manson of SC Ventures, added: “All of us want to grow older
in a good way, with a healthy lifestyle, planning the form of
retirement that is specifically the one we truly aspire to and
giving ourselves the means to achieve it, as opposed to
procrastinating about the issue. This won’t be achieved by
pushing products – it requires trust in a community of
like-minded people and, importantly, the integrity of data-driven
decisions. This is what Autumn is all about.”

SC Ventures has had a busy spell of product launches and
enterprising partnerships. In December, it announced a strategic
partnership with Northern Trust to launch Zodia Custody, a
custodial solution for digital assets. Standard Chartered has
also backed blockchain technology provider Metaco and it is
exploring distributed ledger for cross-border fund transfers with
the Bank of Thailand and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority.

Just last week, this service
reported on
an app launch serving relationship managers from
the Asia-centric bank.

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