Tips to protect yourself from eye infections this monsoon


Identical to pores and skin issues and allergies, eye infections too are a standard incidence in the course of the wet season because the air will get crammed with micro organism and viruses.

“Chances are you’ll get conjunctivitis (pink eye), which is an irritation or swelling of the conjunctiva. It may possibly unfold from one particular person to a different owing to the rise within the quantity of moisture content material within the air. Some pink flags embody redness of the attention, swelling, discharge, itching, and ache,” stated Dr Raaj kumar Jain, ophthalmologist, Home of Medical doctors.

One other bacterial an infection which might hassle you in the course of the wet season is stye. Nonetheless, as a substitute of neglecting eye an infection, it’s advisable to hunt immediate remedy, he suggested.

Under, Dr Jain shares some foolproof methods to care for your eyes.

eye infection You can too use eye drops advised by a physician. (Supply: Specific Picture by Praveen Khanna)

*Don’t neglect to clean your palms, and keep away from hand-to-eye contact to keep eye infections at bay. Keep away from rubbing the eyes with fingers as they include germs and might result in an an infection.
*Don’t share your towels, napkins, or handkerchiefs with anybody.
*Eye make-up is a strict no-no when you might have an eye fixed allergy or an infection.
*Don’t use any chemical merchandise in your eyes that may do extra hurt than good.
*Blinking can help you handle dry eyes. Drink loads of water, and observe the 20-20-20 rule — that’s after each 20 minutes, it is advisable to take a 20-second break to focus your eyes on one thing positioned 20 ft away to calm down your eyes, and calm you down.
*Use sun shades once you enterprise out of the home. Keep away from exposing your eyes to rainwater as it’s loaded with germs, and micro organism and might set a stage for infections.
*Don’t contact your eyes instantly after touching any contaminated surfaces resembling door handles, taps, furnishings, or counter tops.
*Use eye drops or lubricants as prescribed by the physician.

“Utilizing over-the-counter merchandise isn’t beneficial in any respect. Watch out, and care for your eyes,” Dr Jain stated.

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